TMP Designed to Help You Recruit Talent Better, Faster

An application tracking system like Talent Management Plus™ (TMP) is designed to help you recruit talent better and faster.

Features such as pre-screening questions, generating interview questions and candidate comparison helps streamline the hiring process in an efficient and objective way.

But, if you’re only using your applicant tracking system for hiring, you’re missing out on a bigger opportunity — to turn a great hire into a great long-term employee.

Your value as a company recruiter or hiring manager shouldn’t end once an offer letter is extended. Here are two ways to use an applicant tracking system beyond hiring:

  1. Develop Your New Hires

Imagine you’ve already found the right candidate through your software system. What’s next? Why not use the insights you gained during the hiring process to increase the effectiveness of your on-boarding.

Because TMP is assessment based, it’s easy to speed up an employee’s on-boarding to teach how their behaviors and motivators will help them in their new role. In addition, you can help the new hire’s manager create an effective employee development plan tailored around the skills needed for the job.

  1. Build a Larger Talent Pool

When interviewing candidates for an open position, you may see individuals who are excellent culture fits, but not quite a perfect match for a particular job. They may even be a fit for another department. Do you have a method to keep and track your hidden talents?

TMP ranks all applicants in terms of job fit and stores the information in the system for up to seven years. This allows other departments to see high-ranking individuals and compare them to the positions they are hiring for. Think about how much time you would save if your next hire was already in the system as opposed to starting from scratch.


Finding the right candidate within a short time period can make you a great hiring manager or recruiter.

But to truly excel, you must look at the bigger picture and understand how to set up that new hire for success. Ultimately, companies want to retain and develop the talent you recruited to build a loyal team, not only just fill a position.

 Kefei Wang is the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator at TTI Success Insights. Wang enjoys playing the analytical role using digital marketing data to assist the communication and marketing team to develop strategic marketing plans. She studied in China, Denmark and the U.S., as well as traveled to more than 10 countries and has worked with multi-cultural teams. Wang is passionate about empowering a woman’s presence in global entrepreneurial leadership. @kefeie