Give Your Clients the Tools to Simplify Their Hiring Process

If you hadn’t already heard, Talent Management Plus™, our recently re-launched assessment-based applicant screening system powered by job matching, is creating quite the buzz!

Here at TTI Success Insights, we are very excited to roll out a dynamic platform that provides so much value to our distributors and their clients.

I’ve had the privilege of working on the lead rollout team to provide client demos and first impressions to TMP, so I know firsthand what clients are saying about this unique system.

Here’s the scoop:

Some of the top features client organizations have enjoyed learning about and streamlining include the ability to:

  1. Screen all applicants against the job benchmark — not just a recruiter’s top picks
  2. Run a candidate sorting feature (overall match or specific behavioral science)
  3. Run a talent comparison report to determine overall job fit between two or more candidates
  4. Generate a coaching report for on-boarding new hires
  5. Create customizable assessment questions
  6. Color label top applicants (prime, potential, etc.)

The features and functionality that TMP provides to consultants and companies alike is unparalleled.

While TMP is invaluable from a number of standpoints, its ability to job match by screening ALL applicants instead of just the top three to five prospects makes it a real differentiator from other applicant screening systems.

This process allows clients to streamline their hiring process by collecting all applicant screening information, the ability to run all applicants through the system, and the discovery of TMP instantly telling you which applicants are ideal for the job.

If you’re in the business of selection, you can’t afford to be doing your job without this one-of-a-kind tool.

Ann Marie Leitensdorfer is a Solutions Consultant at TTI Success Insights, dedicated to serving the company’s network of independent coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers. Reach her at 800-869-6908 or