After being acquired in 2010 by a billion-dollar facilities maintenance product supplier, Green Bay-based Imperial Supplies LLC’s management knew they had to hire more regional sales managers to keep pace with expansion efforts.

A national distributor of household and vehicle maintenance products, Imperial Supplies received a number of applicants at a salary of $80,000 for 30 regional sales managers.

To determine the best-qualified candidates in a timely fashion, Dale Wernette, founder of Phoenix-area SHERPA and Associates, introduced Talent Management Plus™ (TMP) as a means to job benchmark these roles as the company continued to grow following the acquisition.

In particular, TMP allowed management to identify and eventually hire ambitious sales managers who possessed high theoretical and utilitarian motivators for the 30 open roles.

Today, with the benchmarks and analytics in place, Imperial Supplies reduced turnover compared to years past. After hiring the three-dozen managers in 2010, today the company only hires a handful of sales managers every year.

“In talking with the management, the past two years have been the best they’ve ever had,” Wernette said.

Imperial Supplies’ low turnover has created a reduced need to hire. For example, only four regional sales manager positions were created in 2014, while only two positions have been filled this year. TMP has helped management sift through about 130 applicants for the available positions.

Wernette said it’s no coincidence the use of TMP by Imperial Supplies has provided the company a window into better determining which candidates will succeed.

“The number of regional sales managers staying in their jobs and the reduction of new hires speaks to TMP’s power,” he said. “Imperial Supplies has seen the benefits of this system through improved efficiencies.”

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