Hard Interviews Don’t Spark Candidates’ Curiosity

From complex questions to downright whacky settings, the notion that hard interviews equal happy employees is leaving many people scratching their heads.

While tedious processes may spark curiosity from some candidates, some fellow colleagues and I aren’t seeing the connection of greater payoff down the road.

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Do Hard Interviews Equal Happy Workers?

Complex critical-thinking interview questions are all the rage for some competitive tech companies — sometimes driving top candidates away.

But hard interviews equal happy workers, according to a recent Glassdoor study. Glassdoor uncovered some key findings about the payoff of a company’s more demanding selection process.

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Fostering Diverse Workplaces Starts with Fair Screening

Over the years, a commitment to workplace diversity has allowed qualified, disabled applicants who may have been overlooked in past decades to land new jobs.

But despite great inroads made in resolving workplace inequality, personal biases are still tainting evaluations of a subset of people who are otherwise qualified: the disabled.

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