Snapshot in Time: Social Media’s Role in Selection

In search of a new job? It may be time to delete those questionable political posts and scrub any college party photos on Facebook.

However, many hiring managers are turning to social media to get a glimpse of candidates — and this practice has become the HR industry’s unofficial screening tool.

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6 Must-See Features of Talent Management Plus™

If you hadn’t already heard, Talent Management Plus™, our recently re-launched assessment-based applicant screening system powered by job matching, is creating quite the buzz!

Here at TTI Success Insights, we’re excited to roll out a dynamic platform that provides so much value to our distributors and their clients.

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2 Clever Ways to Leverage Your Applicant Tracking System

An application tracking system like Talent Management Plus™ (TMP) is designed to help you recruit talent better and faster.

Features such as pre-screening questions, generating interview questions and candidate comparison helps streamline the hiring process in an efficient and objective way.

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Unveiling the Biggest Resume Blunders

They say first impressions are crucial.

Hiring managers spend mere minutes glancing at resumes for experience, skills and any number of buzzwords. But sometimes they can get carried away, making a litany of mistakes — unintended or downright egregious.

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