Why Should You Use an Online Recruiting Tool With Assessments?

One question we continually hear from our potential clients is, “Why should I use an online recruiting tool with assessments?”

Many applicant screening systems exist in the market, but Talent Management Plus™(TMP) is a system that incorporates assessments, allowing users to understand how applicants match to jobs in an unbiased way, thus avoiding costly bad hires.

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Entering the Mindset of a Successful Recruiter

Having trouble landing a job and want to get inside the head of a recruiter?

No doubt the stack of resumes, and list of phones calls and emails awaiting a recruiter’s attention makes it difficult to stand out from the pack. Bottom line: It comes down to selling yourself.

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Be the Godfather II of Onboarding

If hiring is like the first installment of The Godfather, onboarding is the The Godfather II. The critically acclaimed sequel was more successful than the first and cemented these movies as legendary cinematic films.

Like The Godfather movies, your hiring process can be legendary — but a solid onboarding program will seal the deal for new hires.

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Job Fit Beyond the Resume

As any recruiter and HR representative will tell you, hiring can be like finding missing pieces to the puzzle.

Hint: People are more complex than what’s stated on a piece of paper.

If a particular candidate looks good on paper and excels during the interview, one would naturally assume they would be a good fit for the job.

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