One Company’s Story of Assessing Everyone — Not Just Job Candidates

With the re-launch of Talent Management Plus™ (TMP), companies have an arsenal of assessment and job benchmarking tools to find the next great employees.

But what’s to stop a company from looking inward for talent?

Could an organization, using TMP, measure the behaviors, driving forces and skills of all current employees, not just potential candidates within TMP?

For Chris Young, founder of Bismarck, N.D.-based The Rainmaker Group, that decision is a no-brainer.

Sometimes the best people in your organization are the ones who are already working for you.

In fact, benchmarking all current employees was a process that helped his client, a manufacturing company, determine that a longtime warehouse employee had the skills and know-how to transition to the role of an inside sales team representative.

After moving the employee to the sales floor, Young said the results were immediate and that the individual continues to shine in his new role.

“We dumped employee data into the algorithm and saw this particular individual rise to the top,” he said. “It’s amazing what a system like TMP can provide.”

Young said it’s imperative that companies benchmark the roles of every employee — not just those vying for open positions — because they could discover untapped talent in all areas of the organization.

However, he believes it’s a function and practice within TMP that many recruiters and hiring managers either aren’t aware of or don’t use to their benefit.

“Companies don’t know what they don’t know,” he said. “They don’t know that they oftentimes have existing assets and hidden talent in their organization.”

Young said a decision on the part of the manufacturer four years ago continues to play big dividends, as the employee is still shining in his shifted role.

“I kid you not, I still trade emails with this individual to this day,” Young said of the former warehouse employee turned inside sales rep. “This process was, hands down, one of the highlights of my career.”

Zach Colick serves as a Content Specialist with TTI Success Insights and specializes in a host of copywriting and marketing strategies that help strengthen the TTI SI brand. Colick has close to a decade’s worth of experience in journalism, editing and marketing, and has held multiple positions within those fields. @ZachColick