The average amount companies spend to hire one employee.
The cost of employment is the biggest for small businesses, according to Forbes.

There’s a better way. For a flat monthly fee, TMP gives you the opportunity to job match instead of hire, easily rank candidates, maintain resumes, and understand behaviors, motivators and skills in one assessment-based applicant screening system.

That cuts down on the hours, the jumble of papers  and even provides you with interview questions customized to each role for which you hire.

Want to learn more about how to eliminate bad hires?

The future of HR is predictive analytics - using data in hiring to determine how successful a person will be at a job and at an organization.

Join our webinar End Bad Hires Using Predictive Analytics. In this webinar, you will learn, with predictive analytics, how bad hires can be reduced, how star employees can be found and retained, and the steps you need to start taking to ensure you make smart and solid hiring decisions. Register now.

WHEN: 13:00 p.m. EST, March 29