To tap into and find top candidates from a diverse talent pool, companies must measure the effectiveness of their recruitment efforts.

Today, with social professional networks and analytic-rich databases on the rise, systems like Talent Management Plus™ are just another avenue for companies looking to find the next batch of great leaders.

For the past four years, Mark Debinski, president of Baltimore-based Bluewater Advisory, has been using TTI Success Insights’ TMP system, which provides real-time data to compare a slew of candidates vying for open positions.

Debinski, whose company uses the revamped TMP system to recruit top talent for a number of clients, said he has seen the firsthand benefits of using analytics to job benchmark multiple candidates at once to support and grow their businesses.

Some of Bluewater Advisory’s recent recruiting efforts have included searches for a:

  • Director of research and development for a billion dollar snack food company looking to invent “the next great Dorito”
  • Senior vice president for a fast-growing and dynamic bank
  • Executive director for a nonprofit with a $15 million annual budget

As companies struggle to identify top candidates using traditional hiring methods, Debinski said TMP provides new avenues to reveal top candidates who possess more outside-the-box skill sets and attributes.

“The search on behalf of the snack food company provided for a very interesting benchmark,” he said. “Even though we had a fairly select field of candidates, we were able to source to the client a strong talent pool because of the visibility of the position and the prominence of the company.”

And because banks have the label of being stodgy, by-the-book workplaces, Debinski said the search for the senior VP of the fledgling bank was also unique, as management desired someone less traditional.

“It was a unique position because the bank is young, quickly growing, and full of dynamic employees,” he said. “They needed and desired someone very different from the status quo.”

Replacing a successful employee in the nonprofit sector, described as a “pillar in the community” and who had served in the position for over 30 years, also provided for an “interesting, high-visibility search.”

Ultimately, Debinski says, TMP allows Bluewater Advisory to not only source and analyze a large number of candidates, but also the ability to come back and ask better questions of clients to determine overall job fit.

Interestingly, Debinski noted each of the three clients outlined above wound up hiring someone different than originally envisioned.

“In all three cases, where the companies thought they had found their match for the job, they wound up hiring someone who we brought to the table because they were ultimately a better fit,” he said. “TMP helped prove that.”

Zach Colick serves as a Content Specialist with TTI Success Insights and specializes in a host of copywriting and marketing strategies that help strengthen the TTI SI brand. Colick has close to a decade’s worth of experience in journalism, editing and marketing, and has held multiple positions within those fields. @ZachColick