CareerBuilder: More Than Half of Employers Have Caught Lies on Resumes

They say first impressions are crucial.

Hiring managers spend mere minutes glancing at resumes for experience, skills and any number of buzzwords. But sometimes job seekers can get carried away, making a litany of mistakes — unintended or downright egregious. If the hiring manager sees misinformation, they make take them out of contention for the open position.

This happens often, according to a new report. For its annual survey, CareerBuilder asked hiring managers to name the biggest blunders they have caught on resumes — from innocent gaffes to obvious lies.

With companies today asking employees to wear many hats, many prospects are beefing up their resumes with exaggerated qualifications. But 42 percent of employers would consider a candidate who met only three out of five key qualifications for a specific role, according to the survey.

What about job seekers who outright lie on their resume? The survey found more than half of employers (56 percent) have uncovered falsified information, including:

  • Skill sets (62 percent)
  • Job responsibilities (54 percent)
  • Dates of employment (39 percent)
  • Job titles (31 percent)
  • Academic degrees (28 percent)

As your parents no doubt reminded you again and again, honesty is the best policy. Employers want and demand to see a true representation of prospective employees.

But even more to the point, employers who only assess prospective employees by way of the resume aren’t hiring the whole person — and could very well be contributing to the epidemic of making bad hires.

The resume should only be one-third of a company’s hiring process, with the remaining two-thirds examining the use of validated assessments and matching talent to the job.

Employers should instead look to adopt a more streamlined process, such as using an applicant tracking system like Talent Management Plus™ (TMP), rather than rely on screening by resume, which may or may not include exaggerated information.

This will ensure your hiring doesn’t come down to pure look and that hires are matched to the job.

Zach Colick serves as a Content Specialist with TTI Success Insights and specializes in a host of copywriting and marketing strategies that help strengthen the TTI SI brand. Colick has close to a decade’s worth of experience in journalism, editing and marketing, and has held multiple positions within those fields. @ZachColick